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HSG 5th July 2005 03:00


This is the second time that The Judgment of Paris Forum has had to pull up roots and move to a new location, and in both cases, the experiences have been quite traumatic.

Given a choice, we would have preferred to maintain a very simple forum, such as the two that preceded this one. All of the technical wizardry in the world is nothing compared to content, and the goal of these forums has always been to focus on content--both visual and written--rather that on technical gimmickery. The forum's main purpose has always been to provide a humble frame for presenting images of plus-size beauty, and a venue in which to discuss their cultural significance.

However, while one may wish to escape technology, technology will not allow it. The holiday weekend brought with it a concerted attack on our previous forum by determined Internet vandals who would not rest until they had obliterated it completely, and made its further running impossible.

But like the proverbial house of bricks, this new home will hopefully not blow down as easily as its straw-and-sticks predecessors. Much of the content of the previous forums will be reappearing here, over the course of the next few days.

In the meantime, the link below will take you to a new sub-forum which includes the final collection of messages from our very first board (yes, the one that was hosted at These messages date from early 2004, and were never archived, so many of these essays have not been publicly accessible in well over a year.

Hopefully, this will be our final change of address, and the site will continue providing readers with a haven of Classical beauty, and a refuge from the artificial reality of modernity, where they can indulge freely in "la dolce vita," and dream of a better world . . .

Barbara Brickner captured in a moment of reverie by Elena Miro:

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