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Kaitlynn 24th September 2008 03:55

Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
How wonderful to see Barbara modelling for a new client! And the pictures are quite beautiful. I thought she looked a little...thin in her most recent Reitmans campaign, but that must have just been the photography, because here we see the curvaceous Barbara Brickner that we all know and love.

Also, her hair appears a little longer, which always adds so much to her look.

Here she is in a long-sleeve red tee:

Be sure to go the product pages and click on the "view larger" button, to get a much sharper, clearer look at the pictures.

Barbara really fills out this rust-coloured jacket, as only she can.

See, that's how the curves of a true plus-size model can make a basic item look voluptuously feminine.

Here she is in an elegant black top. Very commanding expression, yet still feminine.

The Bon-Ton is featuring a number of items in interesting animal prints, such as this "crocodile" style,

and this "cheetah" top. Notice that trademark feline glance of hers. No wonder The Bon-Ton selected Barbara to model an item based on a rapacious, wild judgle cat.

I'm not crazy about animal prints, but they really work on Barbara, because they suggest the wild, passionate nature she has, lurking beneath her serene demeanour.

You get that sense of serenity in this picture of Barbara looking cuddly in this cute, comfy sweater:

This item is pretty and feminine:

And here's one more- a grey top:

I don't think I'd be paying attention to these pieces at all if Barbara wasn't modelling them. She has a unique ability to make anything look sexy and wearable. She looks every bit as gorgeous as ever, and I hope The Bon-Ton features more of her in the future.

Emily 27th September 2008 03:40

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
Another item that I really like at The Bon-Ton is this pink shirt. Notice what makes it feminine -- the colour, and, of course, Barbara's buxom figure:

She does look amazing in these pictures. She always brings something special to catalogue work that other models can't even bring to editorial pages. She's irreplaceable.

I did some searching, and here is, I think, the complete list of links to the rest of Barbara's images on the site, current as of this evening:

If Barbara keeps modelling for The Bon-Ton, I'd say we've all found a wonderful new wardrobe source.

MelanieW 4th October 2008 23:47

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
Nice to see that in the two newest pictures of Barbara at The Bon-Ton, they gave her something a bit more interesting to model - a couple of camisoles, which actually show off her figure, at least a little.

Here she is in white - and white has always been a great colour on Barbara. It displays curves very well.

And here, in black:

EmmaT 5th October 2008 00:32

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
Barbara looks great in all of these shots. She is giving women a positive attitude to be comfortable with themselves, no matter what size or shape they are. Every woman has inner beauty, Barbara shows that these designs can show your body off to to best advantage! I encourage every woman of every shape to be true to yourself, and be comfortable with yourself. There is so much love, support and encouragement to feel happy in your own skin from women like Barbara. She displays so much confidence, it's ecstatic, and it rubs off on those girls who feel down about their weight. You are all beautiful!

Love and Peace,
Emma Timms

M. Lopez 28th October 2008 17:42

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
One more new picture of Barbara at The Bon-Ton, showing off a tie-died top:

It's nothing that I would wear, but Barbara almost makes me want to. I love her feline expression in the picture.

Hannah 4th November 2008 14:09

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
It looks like The Bon-Ton has added some new items for the holiday season, and they're a bit more attention-getting than the previous, rather basic offerings.

The best are two new sleeveless blouses.

Just look at how gorgeous Barbara is now, with her long, long hair.

Also, there's a so-called "scrunch neck" top. What I especially like here is Barbara's pose and expression. She has that mischievous look in her eyes, and she's tugging at her shirt to fit her more snugly.

renata 12th November 2008 21:09

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
Here's one more new picture of Barbara from the site:

A beautiful smile as always, and the picture shows her womanly proportions. She always looks so beautiful in everything she does.

M. Lopez 17th November 2008 07:20

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
It's nice to see that for the holiday season, even a conservative retailer like The Bon-Ton has turned up some interesting styles.

Here are a few more examples of Barbara showing off their wares.

The long hair looks incredible on her. It really gives her a "supermodel" look.

She looks so cuddly in this sweater, but her expression suggests that she might also be thinking naughty thoughts (heh, heh).

A pretty cardigan, and another photo of Barbara's amazing new hairstyle.

Oh, and here are two Laura Ashley jackets, also modelled in inimitable fashion by Barbara.

Kaitlynn 15th December 2008 03:08

Re: Barbara Brickner at The Bon-Ton
Here's a very exciting addition to Barbara's Bon-Ton campaign: two sexy new dresses.

This is always where Barbara really shines- showing off dresses. You need to have a truly full, womanly figure to make dresses look good, and Barbara excels. Terrific pose too.

Here's the other dress. My, my, I think Barbara is prompting The Bon-Ton to become much more fashionable.

Barbara also appears in a whole series of cozy sweaters.

She looks quite buxom here. Yes, sweaters can be sexy!

Very interesting colour here:

Fiery red! o

I like the dramatic pose here:

A smile as warm as her outfit:

Cowlneck sweater in amber. Cute expression:

Just for fun, here's another new item modelled by Barbara, a fleece vest. o

Oh, and here's one more sweater. I'm not crazy about the pattern.

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