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Maureen 18th December 2008 16:43

Whitney: One of MSN's Most Influential Women
MSN Lifestyle has a nice little piece about Whitney Thompson, naming her one of 2008's 12 most influential women, alongside women like novelist Stephenie Meyer. The piece features a beautiful, but too-small, photo of Whitney in a form-fitting gown.

Whitney Thompson

The 5 foot 10 inch blonde tore down the stereotype that skinny wins the race when she won the 10th season of "America's Next Top Model." The first plus-size model to win the competition, she walked away with contracts for Cover Girl cosmetics and Elite Model Management, as well as a spread in Seventeen magazine. She proudly flaunts a 36-inch chest, 32-inch waist, and 43-inch hips, and could very well set the standard that the Champagne-and-cigarettes-starved-chic look is out, and a healthy hourglass-figure glow is in.

MelanieW 19th December 2008 20:52

Re: Whitney: One of MSN's Most Influential Women
The image is very well matched to the text, since it shows an anorexic waif (the look that is on its way out) departing the runway, and Whitney (the look of the future) striding purposefully towards the audience.

Figuratively and literally, the size-0 is on her way out, and the plussize model has arrived.

I was very impressed that Whitney made this list, and her admission is well deserved. None of the other women on the list have faced the kind of resistance in their own professional fields as Whitney has. And she remains undaunted.

In fact, she is a better choice than most of the women on the list. Unlike career politicians who are divisive figures, and are only in it for their own personal aggrandizement, Whitney is serving a higher purpose, and championing a cause that unites all women, whatever their political persuasion - because all women are victimized by the underweight standard.

It is very cool that a specifially full-figured model has achieved this kind of recognition. Hopefully it will lead to even greater awareness of what Whitney is doing. It also shows what the true purpose of plussize modelling really is - something much greater than merely selling clothes, but helping to free women from a tyrannical, androgynous standard that theyve been subject to for far too long.

M. Lopez 28th December 2008 05:49

Re: Whitney: One of MSN's Most Influential Women
I found a few more new Whitney pictures to share. These are quite beautiful. They're PR photos associated with her Fashion Bug campaign. I wish she were fuller-figured, but no question that FB has taken some of the best stills of Whitney to date.

I love this pose, with Whitney throwing back her hair. It's a very glamorous image. Pretty top too:

And here, the playing-with-the-hair pose is always a winner. I still can't think of any model who has benefitted so much from her ANTM makeover. This look suits Whitney perfectly.

Here's one more PR photo. It's much better than the rest - too large to post - but it's a lovely shot, with Whitney adopting a big, open-mouthed smile.

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