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HSG 10th January 2010 04:10

''A sexy, plus-size package''

(Originally posted on the Judgment of Paris Forum, August 31, 2004, in response to a post linking article in which the writer praised a full-figured female singer as embodying "a sexy, plus-size package.")

That is precisely the goal toward which size celebration is working--to have society regard the term "plus-size" as synonymous with the term "sexy"--as well as with the terms "gorgeous," "desirable," "enticing," "seductive," etc.

"Tolerance" and "acceptance" are merely stages on the road towards true body love. The day will yet come when anyone seeking to find images of "beautiful models"--or "sexy models"--will automatically key in the phrase "plus-size models" in a search engine, because he will have discovered that this phrase denotes true feminine beauty.

The day is also coming when, if a woman is told, "You could be a plus-size model," she will take it as the greatest possible compliment to her appearance, because she will know that this statement equates her with history's most revered icons of womanly allure.

This is not a novel idea of beauty--however fresh and new it may seem--but simply a restoration of a timeles ideal that appeared with the dawn of civilization itself.

Nadia (PB, Miami)--test image:

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