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HSG 4th July 2011 04:06

Charlotte Coyle is the ''Torrid girl''
[Originally posted on the Judgment of Paris forum on December 1st, 2004.]

Now that Wilhelmina has added her gasp-inducing blue Torrid cover to her online portfolio, we can verify that Charlotte Coyle is, indeed, the new face (and figure) of Torrid.

Long-time readers of this forum may recall that Charlotte came up as a topic of discussion here some time ago.

At the time, she was only represented by one test, which had puzzling styling but at least indicated that she had beautiful legs:

And we were rather fond of the dress in this image from the same test--although again, the photograph provided no clear indication of her facial features:

A second test yielded a gorgeous headshot, which we posted here, but was otherwise too modern by half.

But Charlotte's Torrid work has produced one masterpiece after another. The latest cover is a shade less successful than the previous two, and unfortunately, Charlotte's dress size does appear to be closer to Wilhelmina's 14/16 listing than to Torrid's more optimistic size-18 assessment. One can easily sympathize with the Torrid customers who applauded this model but expressed a wish that she were a bit fuller-figured, especially considering her height.

Nevertheless, Charlotte is one of the most exciting newer faces in the industry, and an ideal "Torrid girl," as others have stated. We eagerly look forward to seeing more of her--especially through the lens of the Torrid photographer who consistently captures the full measure of her beauty.

- New Charlotte Coyle gallery

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