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HSG 4th July 2011 05:47

The Victory of Curves
[Originally posted on the Judgment of Paris forum, December 27th, 2004, in response to another reader's praise of the following image.]

How wonderful to see that Charlotte exhibits the pear-shaped (or "cello-shaped") figure that is the true Classical ideal, and that is the hallmark of the industry’s greatest models (Barbara, Valerie, Shannon Marie, etc.). One could exhaust all superlatives attempting to describe her beauty, but in the final analysis, no words can do her images justice.

The top is marvellous, showing off Charlotte’s lovely shoulders and arms, and many readers of this site have commented on how much they enjoy the "waist sashes" that are all the rage this season (especially in pink--but how interesting to see one in black, in this case).

What we especially love about this pose, apart from the feeling of exultation that it communicates, is that the "V" shape of the model’s arms suggests . . . victory. A victory for curves, A victory for femininity. A victory for self-love over self-doubt. A victory over the tyranny of diet-starvation and exercise-torture.

A victory for Beauty.

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