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Chad 12th October 2011 06:37

Andrea Boschim - Revista VIP
While Mayara Russi has broken out as the standout star amid Brazilian plus-size models - and for good reason, given that she is the most beautiful South American model by far, and one of the most beautiful models in the world - Andrea Boschim has always had her fans here as well.

In fact, in the first-ever thread about Brazilian plus-size models, she was the one who stole the show with her very sensual poses, and in a follow-up post, she again looked terrific.

Anyway, she was recently selected as one of the entrants in a contests run by a Brazilian magazine called Revista, which is a bit like the recent American Apparel contest, except that it involves models of all sizes. Visitors vote on their favourite model, and the winner receives some sort of distinction. Andrea, as far as I can tell, is the only plus-size entrant.

As you can see, to draw votes, Andrea has posted a number of images from a new photoshoot that are very size-positive and show her looking very sensual. Here are some of the other images from the same photo session.

A full-size version of her entry photo. Gorgeous arms.

Alluring headshot.

Very pretty wrapped-in-the-curtains photo.

Admiring her own legs in a mirror.

Another headshot. No visible clavicle - just an expanse of soft fullness. She would look much more attractive with longer hair, though.

And the most seductive images of all - a confident disclosure of her soft, full waist.

At the moment, Andrea is 17th in the contest - out of literally hundreds. It would be nice if she could win.

To vote, you go to this Facebook page,

and in the black box under the big word "Ranking," which says "Digite aqui o nome," you write her name, and when her entry shows up, press the "votar" button.

Otherwise, you can scroll down amid the entrants, which appear ten per page, and you can find Andrea's entry on page two. There, just press the "votar" button beside her name - currently, she's in 17th place.

I think she deserves a nod for creating such a sensual, size-positive photoshoot.

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