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HSG 6th December 2005 18:15

Beautiful Magazine (an update)

After facing a series of advertising-related impediments in 2005 (as noted previously on this forum), Cortex Publishing indicates that next year, it plans to launch a print edition of its long-awaited plus-size magazine titled Beautiful.

We certainly hope that this proves to be the case, because, as revealed in our interview with the company's vice-president, Beautiful unquestionably has the "right idea" when it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of previous publications in this field. If Beautiful does follow the example of the original Mode--as it promises to do--it could well become the magazine that we have all been waiting for.

Word is that another full-figure fashion periodical is slated to debut in 2006 as well, and we certainly hope that this proves to be the case. Since plus-size women comprise 50% of the female population (and possess 100% of its beauty), there should be at least as many magazines aimed at this segment of the public as are currently aimed at the underweight crowd.

Until the print magazine debuts, Beautiful has launched a revamped version of its Web site, at One of its first activities is a holiday-dessert recipe competition (which strikes us as a fine idea indeed).

We wish Beautiful every success, and look forward to the launch of its magazine with great anticipation.

Beautiful Christina Schmidt, modelling for Torrid:

- Click here to view the above image in full

kirsten 7th December 2005 13:17

Re: Beautiful Magazine (an update)
Thank you for posting this welcome news and for the interesting, lively interview. I look forward to finding Beautiful on the newsstands and hope it will indeed be a worthy successor to MODE.

Jack Krosinski 9th December 2005 14:54

Re: Beautiful Magazine (an update)
I just signed up for this great forum. HSG...two thumbs up. People like your readers make it so much easier to break through. I'll be droping in more often now.

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