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Hannah 13th June 2012 10:37

Curve Model Management, Hamburg
It's always interesting (because rare) to see new plus-specialist agencies turning up. I recently discovered a new agency out of Hamburg, Germany, which deals exclusively with plus-size models.

A number of the faces have international careers, but I thought I'd highlight some of the newcomers, such as:

Kristina, 5'7, 40-35-45, 14/16

What's interesting about Kristina is that she's 5'7. Curve Models actually represents quite a few models of non-Amazonian height, including this girl at 5'8 and a full size 16:

Theresa, 42-35-47

The next model, Ann-Katharin, is also 5'7

Agnes Blina is on the lowest periphery of plus sizes, but she has some lovely images in her book, and is 5'8:

I look forward to seeing this agency's progress.

tkds 13th June 2012 20:46

Re: Curve Model Management, Hamburg
Theresa looks delightful in her traditional outfit. The St. Pauli Girl Brewery should consider hiring her as their model!

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