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Kaitlynn 14th June 2012 18:46

Kailee O'Sullivan: JMS video
Here's something exciting that I just stumbled across- a terrific little behind-the-scenes Web video showing gorgeous Kailee O'Sullivan modelling for Just My Size (JMS).

The video actually starts with shots of curvy Kristina Yeo, then Kailee speaks. Her face is so lovely, with that hint of a sensual curve under the chin.

It's a delightful video, showing the models playing around in their white lingerie. Gorgeous.

renata 29th October 2012 12:54

Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: JMS video
Just My Size just uploaded a second video that was clearly shot as part of the same series as the one above. In this video, Kailee speaks at 0:14 ff. about growing size celebration. She looks soooo pretty.

Kristina Yeo features as well. I hope these videos are part of a whole ongoing campaign that JMS will be running, featuring Kailee.

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