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HSG 10th October 2012 16:01

Kelsey Olson: Intimate Attitudes

Have you ever asked yourself why almost all companies, large or small, which sell full-figured intimate apparel offer exactly the same garments, showcased by exactly the same models?

The answer: these companies all retail goods from one single wholesaler: the Shirley of Hollywood brand, and specifically, its Intimate Attitudes label.

The Intimate Attitudes models have varied greatly in size and beauty over the years, some looking quite glamorous, some less so. The label's apparel likewise varies in raciness, though it generally conforms to the traditional, boudoir notion of lingerie, rather than, say, a more agreeably fresh, demure look.

However, all that could be changing, because for the current season -- for the first time ever -- Intimate Attitudes has enlisted the services of gorgeous plus-size model Kelsey Olson (size 16), and the result is a complete aesthetic transformation for the brand.

(At least in the case of one particular item.)

The following is as enchantingly beautiful as any lingerie image could ever be. The model's skin tone looks exquisitely fair, a Nordic complexion that sets off the lingerie in an ideal manner. Her physique appears soft and yielding, deliciously untoned, with her legs in particular looking rounded and full. The outfit presents itself in the most delicate shade of pink, with a sash and trim in darker shades of pink and violet. The result is a floral bouquet of colours, the most gently sensual intimate-apparel presentation that we have ever seen. The model strolls gracefully on plush white carpeting, looking as if she were floating on a cloud. Her thin-strapped shoes are as white as the fabric under her feet. Her jewellery glitters like the sparkle of her eyes. For anyone who has imagined what kind of lingerie the loveliest of princesses, such as Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, might wear, and how they would look so apparelled, this is the answer. The block letters behind Kelsey express the exact emotion which an image such as this generates in the viewer.

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A closer view showcases the fair-tale waviness of the model's golden locks, the peaches-and-cream fairness of her visage, the kissable candy-pink lips, and her baby-blue eyes. Kelsey's expression is the crowning touch of the image, for while she appears very present and engaged with the viewer, she also allows herself to look trusting and sweet, urgently in need of protection. The effect is hypnotic, mesmerizing. This is the very archetype of ideal feminine beauty.

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A reverse-view image is equally radiant, with the model playfully tugging at her outfit, in the manner of a little girl. Her fair tresses cascade down her back in thick, heavy waves. The angle also displays the most irresistible aspect of the outfit: the adorable pink bow into which the sash is tied at the back. No vulgar, unclothed images of models (of any size) could ever come close to matching an image such as this for irresistible allure, precisely because of Miss Olson's innocent, vulnerable, girlish seductiveness.

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The rest of the Intimate Attitudes collection is more conventional in its style, resembling the kind of garments for which this company is known, and which represent the first thought that comes into most people's minds when they hear the term "lingerie." In this case, Kelsey's unique qualities are even more essential, for it is only by the delicacy of her features that the effect of the outfits is softened, yielding a fascinating interplay between risque apparel and the model's innate innocence.

In this image, for example, observe how the sweetness of Miss Olson's expression adds a much-needed dose of softness to the overall effect, even as the model provocatively tugs at her garters. The black ribbon at the neck is a chic, Gallic touch.

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The same item comes in a blue variant. The most sensual aspect of the image, by far, is the sight of Kelsey's rounded, 39" waist pressing against the central panel of the outfit, its untoned fullness alluringly displayed.

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A high-temperature reverse-view photograph shows Kelsey's tresses tumbling down her back, the garment seductively baring the model's luscious thighs.

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Although corsets are horrible outfits for full-figured models to wear, given that they compress the very aspects of the models' figures that are most alluring--their curvy waists--Kelsey nevertheless endows this image with size-celebratory qualities by the way in which her buxom curves appear so generous that the garment cannot contain them, echoing how the voluptuous passions in the model's expression are alluringly out of control. Kelsey plunges her hand into her hair in a bewitching manner, her blue eyes smouldering.

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A reverse-view image is even more intensely attractive with the model adding a captivating dash of helplessness to her steamy gaze, pulling away her magnificent tresses as if to invite a kiss on the shoulder.

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Another corset image boasts similar pro-curvy properties in highlighting the model's abundant, ample voluptuousness. The black corsage embellishing the ribbon at the neck is a wicked touch.

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Once again, however, it is the reverse view which illustrates the signature magic of Miss Olson. She appears so irresistibly needy, so doll-like and vulnerable, that no viewer could ever resist devoting himself exclusively to her desires.

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The final corset in this collection is in an emerald green, contrasting richly with the Judgment of Paris royal-purple hues of the previous outfits. The model's pose is graceful and lyrical, her skin attractively fair, her limbs appealingly untoned.

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For an exciting change of pace, the next picture shows Kelsey with a very different demeanour. Now wearing chic black, she seems a full-grown seductress, twisting her soft body into an S-shape, her heavily-lidded eyes knowingly tempting, her blonde mane a tad wild and witchy--a love-kitten well practiced in the arts of seduction.

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Another image of Kelsey in a black garment opens out to take in some of the shoot's boudoir setting. The dark elements in the background complement the shadowy sophistication of the outfit. Here too, observe how the model has adjusted her demeanour to present a more mature kind of seductiveness.

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The most boldly alluring outfits are the final selections, because these provocatively bare the glory of the model's physique: her opulent 39" waist, so full and untoned and rounded, only partially veiled beneath sheer fabric. Her expression simmers with banked-down passion, as if the model were aware that she had disclosed her most irresistible figure feature, and now beheld the effects of her spell upon the viewer.

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The last item achieves a similarly sensual effect, disclosing the model's sumptuous middle, this time with the garment trimmed in devilish red accents. If the first image in this thread showed Miss Olson as the angel, these pictures present Kelsey as the scarlet-robed embodiment of temptation and sin.

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The reverse view shows the model chuckling at the mayhem that her beauty has caused. The outfit bares her lovely back, framing this smooth expanse of bare flesh.

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Early in her career, Miss Olson expressed her trepidation at shooting intimate apparel, but over the years she has developed into a well-nigh specialist in the genre. Her innately innocent charm softens the effect of even the most risqué apparel, while--when the occasion calls for it--she can also smoulder like no other model.

Bravo to Kelsey, and bravo to Intimate Attitudes for selecting such a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model to showcase its apparel, and for photographing her in such an appealing manner.

Incidentally, many of the images above have been cropped, for the sake of modesty. The originals may be found at the Swedish retailer, and will no doubt soon proliferate throughout the Web.

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Sarah 12th October 2012 15:26

Re: Kelsey Olson: Intimate Attitudes
Wow, I actually had been quite confused about the prevalence of the Intimate Attitudes images while shopping online for plus-size clothing--so thank you dearly for clearing that up.

I've purchased several Intimate Attitude items from the company Hips and Curves and I've always found myself more pleased with the little photo on the clothing tag than with the photo used to sell the item on the website. Don't get me wrong---Hips and Curves uses excellent photography and gorgeous models on their website. However, their models tend to be on the smaller side, and whoever is outfitting them is overfond of corsets! I feel they should limit the use of corsets for selling the actual corsets. Instead, corsets appear in virtually every image on the website, which gives the impression that the company thinks the only way that plus-size women can be sexy is if they have an artificially nipped waist.

The Intimate Attitude pictures I've seen on the clothing labels, in contrast, usually feature genuinely plus-size models who are not hiding or disguising their soft curves (though I do know that they sometimes use faux-plus models...I guess I've been lucky to get the nicer images).

And now Kelsey is modeling for them...! How wonderful! Now this is exactly how plus-size lingerie should be displayed!

I agree that the photos of the first outfit could be the most beautiful lingerie images ever taken! Kelsey looks truly heavenly. The candy sweetness of the dress harmonizes perfectly with Kelsey's tender beauty---her creamy complexion, her lovely doe-like eyes, her shimmery, golden hair. I also love the touch of opulence afforded by the twinkling hair ornaments, the intricate detailing on the bust, and the jeweled necklace.

Click to enlarge

It's hard to choose favorites, but I also quite like this one:

Originally Posted by HSG

Click to enlarge

I love the bemused look of triumph in Kelsey's expression here, and how she's resting her arm so lazily on what looks like a column, as if she's viewing a whole army of lovesick admirers falling victim to her beauty and thinking "Well, this is going to be interesting..." I love how her tummy is teasingly displayed by the way of a thin veil---I think this makes her soft waist all the more alluring, even more so than if it was bare.

But yes, each photo here is a masterpiece. Kelsey imparts such glamor and class to every one. As you've described, she brings these images to a wholly different level by projecting such a variety of alluring personalities in each new photo---she plays regal, vulnerable, mischievous, and passionate equally well. But the constant throughout is the dizzying perfection of her face and figure. What a marvelous shoot!!

Sarah 9th December 2012 11:29

Re: Kelsey Olson: Intimate Attitudes
I came across some additional Intimate Attitudes images of Kelsey on the Hips and Curves website today that I think have not yet been posted.

An incredibly steamy glance from Kelsey in a red lace mini dress. I love how Kelsey uses her arms and hands here to frame her lovely hips. Apart from the obvious sheerness of the lace, the outfit is also alluring because of how it showcases her beautiful shoulders and décolletage, and how although the sleeves are long and flowing (such a glamorous style), the dress itself is snug enough to hug the sumptuous curves of her midsection.

A reverse view shot highlighting Kelsey's immaculate shoulders and the sensual curves along her back.

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