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Emily 10th November 2012 11:17

ChloŽ Agnew for Christmas
As fans of the group may have heard, Celtic Woman, featuring the curvaceous beauty ChloŽ Agnew, are releasing a second Christmas album this year titled Home for Christmas.

ChloŽ and her group recently gave an interview to an online network discussing the album, and the clip is absolutely charming. ChloŽ does most of the talking, so there are many enchanting close-ups of her. She wears a pink blossom in her long, blonde hair, and her complexion is peaches-and-cream perfection, with a hint of blush at the cheeks. The "spun sugar" look.

I can't wait to hear this album.

Graham 12th November 2012 15:41

Re: ChloŽ Agnew for Christmas
In case anyone missed it, ChloŽ Agnew and her group, Celtic Woman, were on the well-known TV soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful earlier today, performing their song, "The Paring Glass." First, the girls were introduced, then they sang their number at what was scripted to be a party for one of the characters on the show.

Chloe looks gorgeous with her fair tresses flowing over her green gown. She absolutely sparkles, and is a complete natural in front of the camera. She could easily be an actress as well as a world-famous singer, if she were ever to choose to add this to her accomplishments.

Chad 13th November 2012 16:34

Re: ChloŽ Agnew for Christmas
The second installment of ChloŽ's two-part appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful aired today, featuring the girls performing that eternal Irish favourite, "Danny Boy."

ChloŽ has a lovely close-up at 1:00. Gorgeous.

Karsten 15th November 2012 13:40

Re: ChloŽ Agnew for Christmas
Earlier today, Celtic Woman released a video featuring their star, ChloŽ Agnew, talking about the group's new Christmas CD and identifying her favourite songs from the album.

Chloe looks so adorable in pink, with that pretty floral accessory in her hair, tying back her soft, golden tresses. Such an angel.

Graham 28th November 2012 16:58

Re: ChloŽ Agnew for Christmas
Here are two more videos from ChloŽ discussing the charms of the Christmas season.

In the first, she relishes her favourite holiday treats. This is an especially exciting video given Chloe's curvy beauty. I adore the way she enthuses over her favourite foods, as if enjoying them were a deliciously sinful act.

In the second, she discusses holiday gift-giving.

It's heavenly to look at her fair eyes and pink cheeks and golden hair. She is a doll come to life.

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