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HSG 17th December 2012 10:43

Katherine Roll: Bridal Expo

Twice yearly, gorgeous plus-size model Katherine Roll participates in the Western New England Bridal Expo, staged by CJC Events and featuring an exciting runway show.

Alas, images of this biannual event have proven to be perpetually elusive, to the great consternation of Katherine's many fans. However, the most recent show, from last month, has finally yielded a single photographic testament to Miss Roll's runway prowess.

Katherine appears in a sumptuous white gown that lovingly embraces her generous curves. The dress defines the goddesslike womanliness of her 49" hips and bares her celebrated arms. She stands confident and proud, at ease with her status as the most perfectly proportioned of all plus-size models.

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A closer view provides a better look at those alluring arms, so round and plump. No other full-figured model can possibly rival a goddess with arms as full and lovely as these. Her golden tresses are bound in a magnificent style, one worthy of a princess of a nobler age than our own. Her skin glows with a divine luminescence, as if, even in this enclosed space, radiant sunlight illuminated her fair flesh. Her smile projects the kind of benevolent supremacy of a reigning monarch, the flowers a tribe to her blossoming beauty.

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Kudos to Bancroft Bridals for consistently booking this loveliest of all models for its runway shows. One always hopes to see more images of Katherine from these events (let alone video, which would be a treasure beyond reckoning). But even this lone image reinforces Miss Roll's status as the crown princess of plus-size modelling.

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