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Meredith 18th September 2013 19:15

Candice: Torrid Denim
The name of Candice Huffine comes up on this forum on occasion, not for the many editorials that she does, but when a client shoots in a way that is vividly pro-curvy.

Of course, Candice's most famous moment is and will always be her legendary V Magazine tear sheet, which remains one of the most size-celebratory pictures ever creating, a masterpiece that showed off the soft curves of flesh along her sides.

But now Torrid, following up on its amazing shoot with Georgina Burke (which showed the lovely, sensual curves along Georgina's back), has created an similarly size-positive video featuring Candice.

It celebrates some gorgeous fullness at her waist, and most attractively, the alluring curves of flesh along her back and at her sides.

Both Georgina and Candice exemplify models who could do amazing things for size celebration if they were ever to blossom into a fuller size. But even at their current proportions, they both exhibit appealingly soft, untoned physiques, and when someone shoots them in a determinedly pro-curvy manner, as Torrid has, the results are pure size celebration.

Here's the denim page at Torrid. Alas, no gorgeous stills of the model's soft body, as Torrid does feature for Georgina in its intimate-apparel section.

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