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Pamela 14th October 2013 11:06

Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video
Okay, here's something everyone on this forum has been dying to see: a behind-the-scenes video of Sophie Sheppard shooting for Autograph fashion -- and in her most gorgeous looks.

This is one of the most beautiful plus-size-model videos I've ever seen. Sophie has never been lovelier, nor looked softer, fuller, and more attractive.

Even at the beginning, at 0:13, there's a shot of Sophie being made up (while the host is speaking) and as she turns toward the camera, her hair falls over her face. So gorgeous!

From 0:20 on, she shows off that ultra-feminine lacy top that brings out her softness. And oh, the way she models it is so perfect -- so graceful, languid, relaxed.

From 0:39 onwards, several shots show her looking alluringly luscious and buxom.

The way she tosses her golden hair, as the sunlight catches it, is pure magic.

The setting couldn't be prettier, a beautiful, outdoor backdrop that harmonizes with Sophie's natural beauty. At one point, there's even a waterfowl in the corner of the shot. So idyllic.

Most beautiful plus-size model of all time. No question. This photo shot confirms it. Autograph is creating visions of classical perfection with Sophie.

Tanya 20th October 2013 22:59

Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video
So many wonderful pictures of Sophie from Autograph to share!

First, a graphic introducing a new line of dresses modelled by Sophie:

The pictures are in splendidly large dimensions and show her looking luscious and full-figured, even exhibiting a hint of a curve under the chin.

Then, a number of cover images -- the first showing Sophie in one of the outfits seen in the video that Pamela posted.

She looks so incredibly gorgeous in this photo, with full facial features and her long, golden tresses flowing in the wind. It really is the loveliest of all the Autograph covers, thanks too to its idyllic natural setting.

Several more recent Autograph covers shown her in attire that seems designed for "the races." We don't really have a tradition like this in North America, but in Australia and in the U.K., as far as I understand, it's quite a social event to go to the races and be seen in beautiful outfits like these. The blossom in the hair adds to Sophie's femininity and is the prettiest hair accessory imaginable.

And loveliest of all, here's a snapshot of an in-store Autograph poster of Sophie looking utterly adorable:

In the last photo, Sophie is reminiscent of a young Christie Brinkely (but curvier and prettier). That's right -- Sophie is more gorgeous even than supermodels who are legendary for their beauty, proving yet again that even the best of the straight-size models cannot hold a candle to full-figured goddesses.

Kaitlynn 23rd October 2013 18:30

Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video
Autograph has now released a second video of Sophie Sheppard which, if anything, is even more gorgeous than the first.

It too is shot in a beautiful outdoor location, except this time, the fashions on offer are special, day-at-the-races outfits, which are extremely pretty.

And guess what? Sophie speaks in the video!

First, it shows Sophie being made up for the shoot. Watch for a captivating close-up at 0:16, showing a touch of fullness in her lovely facial features.

Her blue eyes absolutely sparkle in the first outfit, from 0:25 onwards. I adore her smile, and the way her hair cascades over her shoulders.

Listen to her speak at 0:45. Prettiest voice of any plus-size model, such a posh accent -- a touch Australian, a touch King's English. It's such a pleasure to hear her say, "I feel really gorgeous." She is.

But then, at 0:56, she's shown in a flowy dress that's sleeveless, and you get to see her luscious, full arms. The shot at 1:11 will make you melt.

And her final looks is just as pretty.

Phenomenal video from what has now become one of the world's top plus-size labels, with its continued featuring of Sophie in its promotions.

Clay 28th October 2013 15:10

Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video
These rendering of these two images look to me as two unfinished classical paintings:

In the video where Sophie speaks to the camera, she sounds a lot like Chloe Agnew.

Tanya 14th November 2013 20:20

Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video
Some lovely new images of Sophie to share, which I know everyone here will like.

First, a picture of an in-store Autograph poster with Sophie in the gorgeous, feminine outfit that everyone loved so much. Her body-hugging skirt shows off her luscious, 49" hips.

But now, here's something to look forward to. Apparently, Sophie just shot some seasonal fashions (which for Australia at this time of year means summer fashions) on a Sydney beach.

These dresses bare her shapely arms.

Another tiny but lovely picture.

I hope that Autograph also filmed this shoot for a behind-the-scenes video.

Shelley 21st November 2013 16:49

Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video
Several more Autograph covers have emerged since this thread was last updated, all of which deserve to be featured here.

A Christmas-themed image appears on the current Autograph cover, as well as the one from the week before, in two versions, the one a mirror of the other. The sleeveless top shows off Sophie's soft, shapely arms.

With her golden hair, Sophie looks especially pretty in blue.

I adore this image in particular because it acknowledges the fullness in her face and hints at an adorable curve under her chin.

Red brings out the passionate side of Sophie's character, and her pose is appropriately dramatic.

But this is surely the most size-positive cover of the current group, and one can just make out the luscious fullness of Sophie's arms, noting even the gorgeous trace of dimpled flesh on her limbs.

The current jewellery cover is more ethereal and mysterious, showing the model as a ghostly beauty.

The Autograph site is worth a daily visit, and has been for a while now, all in the hopes of seeing more lovely photographs of the stunning Miss Sheppard.

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