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Kaitlynn 23rd January 2014 11:05

Kelsey now with INQ and Curve
Fan-favorite plus-size model Kelsey Olson, size 16/18, recently signed with two new agencies, INQ (a Scandinavian board based in Denmark) and Curve Model Management (in Hamburg, Germany).

Here's Kesley's INQ online portfolio:

As well as her page at Curve:

Most interesting, however, is a new video filmed by INQ showing Kelsey in action. She moves beautifully in time with the music, and while her top does not define her figure, it does suggest its luscious proportions, particularly her 39" waist:

Wonderful to see Kelsey continuing to achieve career success. I hope she ends up working for many overseas labels, bringing the timeless ideal back to the Old World where it originated.

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