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HSG 17th April 2014 20:09

Pro-Curvy Fashion: Bandeaus, Crop Tops, etc.

One of the most persistent shortcomings of the plus-size fashion industry in aiding the cause of size celebration is that while some clothing campaigns are pro-curvy in terms of using gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models, and other promotions are size-positive in terms of featuring body-conscious fashions, few are the cases in which these two elements align.

This constitutes a chronic missed opportunity for full-figured fashion to grow its customer base and to foster body love among the general populace (the one goal being contingent upon the other). The more that the public would see truly curvy girls wearing figure-baring, curve-adoring fashion, the more appreciative it would become of the larger, natural female form.

Forever 21+ currently features a number of fashions that are admirably pro-curvy, and while one dearly wishes that they were featured on larger models (both because the items would look even more desirable on fuller physiques and because the promotional images that would result from such an approach would greatly benefit the cause of size celebration), they nevertheless merit a nod as standout examples of the kinds of clothing that plus-size goddesses should feel comfortable wearing, as such items frame softer physiques in the most attractive manner possible.

The most exciting new item offered for shapely girls this season is something called a bandeau top, which essentially consists of a strapless bustier. The reason why this is ideal wardrobe for plus-size beauties is obvious: the top bares the wearer's arms, neck-and-shoulder area, and, most importantly, her waist.

This particular model is not quite full-figured enough to display just how subversive the bandeau style could be, but even on her in-between physique one sees an attractive hint of soft fullness at the middle and the sensual impression that her jeans can barely fasten around her waist, with the fabric stretched taut.

What makes plus-size girls the epitome of feminine beauty is, of course, the soft fullness of their physiques, and these bandeau tops exhibit those features in an irresistible manner, exposing rounded arms, heady expanses of bare flesh below the neck, and curvy waists.

Even on a relatively slim model such as this, one can imagine--due to the attractive touch of fullness in her figure--just how jaw-droppingly gorgeous a goddess such as Sophie Sheppard or Shannon Marie or Kelsey Olson wold look in such attire.

The reverse angle is just as sensual as is the fore view. Observe the luscious curve along the model's back, which her bandeau top so lovingly embraces. Any male viewer in the proximity of a voluptuous vixen in a bandeau top such as this would have to use every ounce of willpower at his disposal not to sweep the girl into his arms.

Needless to say, long hair on well-fed lovelies is absolutely mandatory, therefore the following image offers yet another reason why the bandeau top should be the wardrobe staple of choice for every young woman who wears double-digit dress sizes: the tantalizing sight of the model's golden tresses cascading down her bare skin.

The bandeaus at Forever 21+ appear to have a touch of stretch in the fabric, which only makes them that much appealing and even practical: Should the wearer augment her figure with extra self-indulgence, the item would easily accommodate her fuller form and, if anything, fit all the better.

One criticism that can justly be made of these Forever 21+ images, though, is that the skirt simply rides too high on the model's figure. The whole point of an item such as this is to bare the wearer's soft, full waist; therefore, if the skirt were positioned lower on the body, the effect would be even more alluring.

Very nearly as empowering as the bandeau top is another size-celebratory item from Forever 21+ that is mandatory fashion for curvy girls this season: the crop top.

As these images demonstrate, its point of greatest appeal is precisely the same as that of the bandeau top: the fact that it displays the well-fed embonpoint at a voluptuous vixen's middle. If both the top and the shorts (or jeans, or skirt) fit snugly enough to generate a visible swell of fullness at that bared midsection, then no sight ever seen by human eyes is as utterly irresistible.

In defiance of the media-fuelled propaganda that dupes young girls into blighting themselves with radioactive, leather-skinned tans, it is, in fact, when a goddess keeps her skin tone a naturally fair shade that the greatest sensuality is achieved.

Indeed, in such attire, a young woman cannot help but become the most desirable being in all creation, from any and every angle. The reverse view shows how the top defines the luscious curves along her back. A special note of praise to the model for her expression in this image: coy flirtatiousness mixed with a hint of vulnerability, as if she were delightfully vain yet needy as well (the perfect mix).

Forever 21+ offers this item in a variety of hues, and at the risk of parroting clichéd promotional copy, "Buy this in every colour," as the item is tailor-made to exhibit plus-size beauty to best advantage.

This profile view also indicates how dramatically the top emphasizes the wearer's buxom contours.

Indeed, this item is so intrinsically size-celebratory that it shouldn't even be offered in minus sizes at all, as no girl who isn't visibly full-bodied could ever possess sufficient richness of figure to shape the garment into the ideal, womanly form.

"Alas," some readers will understandably lament, "although these items are very flattering, the odds of seeing such a pro-curvy item on the kind of true plus-size model who would best show it off are nil."

Au contraire.

The gorgeous Jenn Purviance (43-34-53, size 18) recently released a candid photograph of herself--coincidentally situated beneath a Forever 21 sign--in a crop top, and the result is an image that is beyond breathtaking. The extra fullness at the model's midsection and the softer fleshiness of her arms makes an even more stunning impression than do any of the official Forever 21+ catalogue images posted above, thus vividly confirming just how perfect these styles are for true plus-size goddesses.

Bravo to Forever 21+ for producing these fashions in plus sizes (i.e., in the sizes of the girls who will look best in them). Every young curvy girl needs to realize that she deserves to dress in this manner--indeed, that she deserves to do so far more than her underweight rivals. The more that the public sees voluptuous vixens baring their soft, full physiques in outfits such as this, the sooner curvaceous femininity will becomes normalized, and the sooner uninhibited, well-fed beauty will once again be enshrined as our cultural ideal.

Now, if only Forever 21+ would commit to featuring its attractive fashions on models size 18 and up . . .

- Forever 21+

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