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Kim alger 11th August 2006 09:51

Charlotte Coyle
Hi. My Name is Kim and im a definite plus size 22. I felt inspired to search for Charlotte Coyle online after watching her program (surely a better title could have been found). She is a definite boost to the confidence of a larger lady, a real beauty.

HSG 11th August 2006 21:13

Charlotte interviewed on BBC radio!

Here is something that Miss Coyle's countless fans are sure to enjoy: a three-and-a-half-minute audio clip of an interview with the model, which aired on BBC radio yesterday, just prior to the broadcast of her show. The interview was conducted by BBC radio host Nikki Bedi, who must be congratulated for the enthusiastic and positive attitude that she expressed towards the program, and especially towards Miss Coyle herself.

Pay particular attention to Charlotte's marvellous response to Ms. Bedi's provocative question, "Do you think skinny women are attractive?" (which occurs at 2'30 into the clip), and to Miss Coyle's lamentably valid observation that full-figured women are rarely portrayed in a positive way.

We applaud Charlotte for doing as much as any one person can, to help remedy this situation.

- Click here to listen to Charlotte's interview (3.3 Mb)

Chad 13th August 2006 05:43

Re: Charlotte Coyle
In that radio interview, I found Charlotte's point that plus-size women "are never presented in a positive way" extremely valid and significant. That's what makes her TV program such a breakthrough.

Here are a few quotations from various newspaper articles and reviews of the show. Some have been posted already, but I'm gathering them here for a reason:
"Charlotte Coyle is gorgeous: 5ft 10in, all glossy golden hair and aquamarine eyes, and she's got the kind of cheekbones that Kate Moss would crawl through a mile of mud just to stand next to."
-Emma Cowing, The Scotsman

"Charlotte, you are an incredibly beautiful woman"
-Nikki Bedi, BBC radio

"Mouthwateringly beautiful, size-18 model Charlotte Coyle"
-Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

"Coyle herself was genuinely gorgeous, with a face that would enchant Renaissance artists and a body that would get Rubens hot and bothered"
-Graeme Virtue, Sunday Herald

"Charlotte Coyle, the size-18 organiser . . . really is Rubenesque. Sexy Charlotte is a healthy antidote to today's absurd famine-victim chic"
-Garry Bushell, The People

Even journalists who had so-so reactions to the show all agreed that Charlotte looked fantasitc. And think about it - this is journalists (both male and female) who are saying this, when we all know that the media is hostile to plus-size beauty. She won over the "toughest crowd" of all.

If Charlotte could prompt them to have these kinds of reactions, imagine the effect that her images might have on the general public...

And yet who is not on board? Who is failing to take advantage of this gift that size celebration has been given, in the form of this gorgeous model? That's right - the plus-size modelling/fashion industry, the very people who should be first in line to make the most of this opportunity, to feature her in major campaigns.

Instead of being at the forefront, they are holding progress back (at least in the U.K.; in the U.S., a genius retailer like Torrid DID use Charlotte, and the results were some of the most exciting images ever created).

It's incomprehensible - and tragic besides. I hope Charlotte winds up back Stateside, someday.

[Added Bushell quote--HSG]

Sara Lou 13th August 2006 14:53

Re: Charlotte Coyle
I would just like to say that being 18 and a size 18 i am so glad that this programme showed women who looked and felt great about themselves. I am just about happy with my body now but there are still the days...Hopefully this programme and campaigns like this will challenge this view that only the thin are beautiful and show that bigger girls can be just as good looking!

HSG 14th August 2006 18:31

Re: Charlotte Coyle

So just how many people viewed Charlotte Coyle last Thursday night, and saw, with their own eyes, a living embodiment of timeless beauty--probably for the first time in their lives?

The Channel 4 sales site posts overnight figures for its various programs, and here, reproduced from the August 10th 2006 page (linked below), are the numbers for Miss Coyle's program:

Yes, you read that top figure right.

2.326 Million.

2.326 million souls have had the media's stereotyped, negative portrayals of full-figured women replaced with a mental image of Charlotte Coyle: "sexy," "gorgeous," "mouthwateringly beautiful," "all glossy golden hair and aquamarine eyes"--just as the press described her. Now, whenever they hear the phrase "plus-size," they will no longer conjure up the thin-supremacist caricatures that they have seen throughout their lives, but will envision a fair-haired, blue-eyed, curvaceous goddess.

And this was just one program. Imagine how our culture would look if more television programs and films--let alone fashion magazines--would show the public images of models such as Charlotte, instead of the famine victims whom they see today . . .

It is now indisputable that plus-size beauty can create an aspirational ideal for the public (as it did throughout Western history, prior to the 20th century), capture viewer interest, and even win the accolades of the mass media, if the right representatives are chosen.

All that remains is for more individuals to find a way to put such goddesses before the public eye, and the world truly can change . . .

- Channel 4 audience data

donna13 15th August 2006 09:32

Re: Charlotte Coyle
I am dumbstruck by the beauty of charlotte colyle. She is an ambassador for the plus-size beauties all over the world.

Emily 18th August 2006 07:32

Re: Charlotte Coyle
Originally Posted by HSG
2.326 million souls have had the media's stereotyped, negative portrayals of full-figured women replaced with a mental image of Charlotte Coyle: "sexy," "gorgeous," "mouthwateringly beautiful," "all glossy golden hair and aquamarine eyes"--just as the press described her.

The British newspaper The Guardian confirms that jaw-dropping figure:,00.html

It states:

"At 9pm Channel 4's F** Beauty Contest attracted 2.3 million viewers and an 11% share"

It's truly mind-boggling. Add to that Charlotte's appearance on Richard and Judy, her radio interviews, the newspaper articles about the event, and the number of people impacted by this event is staggering.

It also makes you realize just how powerful television, as a medium, still remains, and how difficult the challenge of restoring timeless ideals really is. This is one show -- while the mass media produces countless movies and TV shows that attract this kind of audience-share every night, along with their accompanying media publicity; and all of those programs are expressly designed to brainwash the public into thinking that the insanity of "famine-victim chic" is somehow normal, even desirable.

But considering the fact that Charlotte's beauty was acknowledged so universally, despite this non-stop barrage of thin-supremacist brainwashing, there is no doubt that the Classical ideal can be restored. But for that to happen, there need to be more positive programs, showcasing Charlotte or models equally beautiful.

With the sheer number of viewers that this show attracted, I can't believe that plus retailers on this side of the Atlantic don't pool their resources and fund a show with a similarly size-positive bent -- fashion-oriented and all. Just as diet companies underwrite the creation of so many TV programs designed to explicitly promote starvation, so should plus-size fashion companies fund size-positive programs to counter this influence, and to show women that they deserve to invest in their appearance, wardrobe-wise, just the way they are (no body-diminishment required).

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