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HSG 16th August 2006 16:01

Crystal Renn on FT (video)

Last December, we praised a video essay about Crystal Renn that aired on Canada's Fashion Televsion. The FT piece included glimpses of Miss Renn's appearance at the Gaultier runway show, a thoughtful interview with the model, and clips of an exciting fashion shoot for which Crystal exhibited a breathtaking "wet look," and modelled a gorgeous, goddesslike Classical dress.

You can read that post, and view an extensive series of screen captures here.

We are now delighted to have found an online video of this FT segment, at the URL linked below. It is, regrettably, a RealVideo clip (i.e., poorer in quality than .mov or .wmv files), so would-be viewers will need a RealVideo player ( to watch it. But it is well worth the trouble, because seeing Miss Renn in graceful motion, modelling that dreamlike dress--not to mention hearing her affirm a love of cheeseburgers--is sure to delight her fans no end.

We must applaud Fashion Television for running such a positive piece about the model--and for opening the report with the "Flower Duet," from the Delibes opera, Lakmé. Seeing images of a living goddess accompanied by a classical soundtrack--i.e., by harmonies that match her own timeless beauty--seems so much more appropriate than juxtaposing a plus-size model with a dissonant U2 song, or with any other form of "modern music."

- Click here to watch Crystal on Fashion Television

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