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M. Lopez 18th October 2006 18:06

Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...
The earlier thread was getting full, so I think it's time to devote a new topic to Barbara's latest Nordstrom images. I hope these new examples presage many new images for the winter/holiday season.

This new top is a little too multicoloured for me, but what a stunning image! Barbara looks every bit the supermodel here, in one of those uber-confident, "Just look at me!" expressions that so many of us adore. The light pink lipgloss is such a youthful touch. Lovely hairstyle, too.

If the outfit were different, I could easily see this as the cover of a magazine.

But it's when Barbara models dresses that she really comes into her own. Here's a new item, described as "Form-fitting at bust and hip." So all plus-size dresses should be, to take advantage of curvy figures.

Chad 23rd October 2006 11:49

Re: Barbara at Nordstrom this winter...
COMPLETELY stunning picture, regardless of the overdesigned top. Barbara absolutely glows. She remains the most gorgeous plus-size model working today (with Christina and Charlotte a close second).

I found another new image of Barbara, not at Nordstrom, but at Kohl's. Kohl's actually practises some reasonably good casting in plus-sizes, and the photography is nice. Too bad the online flyers have a grainy image quality.

This company should produce a dedicated plus-size flyer from time to time...

Kaitlynn 27th October 2006 03:23

Re: Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...
Today's Kohl's flyer includes an image of Barbara as well, in a comfy, curve-embracing sweater.

No other model can make even the simplest catalogue pictures look so captivating. A proper Kohl's plus-size catalogue would be wonderful to see... umber%3d2

Chad 29th October 2006 11:29

Re: Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...
Another image of Barbara appears in the current circular:

If Kohl's combined all of its seasonal shots into a single catalogue or flyer, it would make for a lovely presentation of plus-size beauty. It would be nice if they took their shoots outside in an attractive setting, though. But kudos to them for using true plus-size models. (I know they've also used Nadia in the past.) umber%3d2

MelanieW 3rd November 2006 16:29

Re: Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...
Nordstrom has just released a new Barbara image, and this time, thankfully, they gave her something really pretty to model, something that suits her opulent beauty.

I like the vintage design and colour, and the see-through lace suggestively reveals shapely arms. This is apparently an "attached" item, but I could certainly see putting together an ensemble like this from two vintage items of ones own. The empire waist is always a very comfortable style.

With her sensual expression, Barbara makes it seem quite alluring.

Emily 16th November 2006 18:24

Re: Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...
I'm pleased to be able to add another image to this thread.

Nordstrom has a brand-new pink cashmere shell modelled by Barbara. The style is not terribly exciting, but at least it's sleeveless. This baby pink always looks so good on Barbara.

She makes it look like the loveliest thing in the world. Her facial features are so exquisitely pretty, with that eternal softness, that I always group her in with Christina, Charlotte, and Kelsey as the industry's "hot young talents," even though Barbara has done so many incredible campaigns, season after season.

Kaitlynn 17th November 2006 23:31

Re: Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...
Here's one more: a pink cashmere cardigan to compliment the top posted above.

Again, it's a conservative wardrobe choice, but something about the image makes it seem soft and very pretty- like a 1950s poodle skirt. Maybe the pink colour, maybe Barbara's curves, or maybe just the radiant way she models it, but the effect is enchanting.

Kaitlynn 17th December 2006 04:50

Re: Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...
The latest Kohl's flyer featuring another beautiful image of Barbara that's worth sharing here, showing Barbara with a wickedly delicious grin:

It's nice that the company makes an occasional contribution to size celebration this way. If they are going to feature at least one plus-size model from time to time, Barbara is this ideal choice. mber%3d8

I'd also like to mention another image from Nordstrom this season that hasn't come up here before. I don't generally care for plain white shirts, as they're a little too much like "menswear," but what makes this picture so remarkable is Barbara's exciting expression. She looks so vain, even haughty here, the way only someone who knows she's the world's most desirable model can look. And she's right to feel that way. I always find these poses inspiring and thrilling.

I wish ever full-figured woman could imbibe some of Barbara's confidence.

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