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HSG 5th July 2005 00:39

What's in, what's out for 2004

(Originally posted on The Judgment of Paris Forum, January 1st, 2004.)

After a year of mixed successes and setbacks, what will 2004 bring us? Here is a list of some of the hottest fads, the latest crazes, and the hippest trends that are sweeping the nation--or should be--in 2004:

-enjoying food, enjoying life-guilt, starvation
-body pride-body shame
-natural curves-artificial constraint
-essentialism-cultural materialism
-lush fantasy-homely reality
-form-fitting fashions-flowing formlessness
-14 plus-faux plus
-soft and sinuous-musclebound and toned
-luxuriant tresses-boyish cuts
-principle-the bottom line
-autonomy and individuality-adapting and conforming

Nadia (PB, Miami), test image:

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