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Default Re: Emma, Lady Hamilton

Originally Posted by HSG
Lady Hamilton was also a media celebrity before the mass media even existed

Yes, Lady Hamilton was the equivalent of a paparazzi darling in her time. But how different her example was, from the example provided by the tanorexic celebrities of our own day and age! Whereas modern celebrities encourage women to punish themselves with starvation and exercise-torture, the celebrities of past centuries showed women that they could embrace their natural figures, and eat whatever they liked -- and as much as they liked.

Originally Posted by HSG
Sir William Hamilton advised a friend who would be seeing Emma again after an interval of several years that she was "beyond description beautiful and striking and I think you will find her figure much improved since last you saw her"

How remarkable (and wonderful) to experience the attitude towards the female body that prevailed in another time -- a saner and better time than ours, a time when a woman's beauty was considered "much improved" when her figure became fuller.

In addition to the Helen of Troy comparison, I think one could also liken Lady Hamilton to Venus, the goddess of beauty. Venus was romantically involved with both Vulcan, the artificer, and Mars, the god of war. Those two neatly parallel the roles that Sir William Hamilton, the classicist, and Nelson, the warrior, played in Emma's life.
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