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Originally Posted by MelanieW
CHARLOTTE Coyle is gorgeous: 5ft 10in, all glossy golden hair and aquamarine eyes, and she's got the kind of cheekbones that Kate Moss would crawl through a mile of mud just to stand next to, plus a wide smile which has helped make her a successful model in America.

Apart from a few pointedly unnecessary elements, this is a refreshingly positive article. In particular, it is extremely gratifying to see Miss Coyle's beauty praised by the mainstream press. This journalist even acknowledges that "it seems strange that [Charlotte] can't find modelling work in the UK," so imagine how full-figured women themselves (along with admirers of plus-size beauty) feel about this incomprehensible situation. It is an all-too-typical example of the plus-size industry failing to take advantages of its best opportunities (i.e., its finest talent).

As described in the article, the scene involving the model's agent is infuriating. The most serious shortcoming of plus-size modelling is that the girls are generally far too thin. How maddening, then, that whenever a true goddess comes along who is genuinely full-figured and gorgeous, elements in the industry attempt to diminish her to the faux-plus parameters that the public finds so unsatisfying. This is a recurrent problem on both sides of the Atlantic, and has deprived the industry of some of its greatest stars.

Also, Charlotte's point about the overly "mature" tone of some plus-size advertising, and how this fails to represent women her age, is extremely timely, in light of recent discussions about, Figure, and the dearth of younger plus-size models.

Miss Coyle's heartfelt observations about her contestants' self-esteem issues are extremely moving. She is obvious speaking from experience, as anyone who read last year's profile of Charlotte in The Mirror will remember. Charlotte's own success in overcoming her body-image concerns makes her a perfect role model and aspirational ideal for voluptuous vixens everywhere.

Miss Coyle's program promises to be enjoyable and entertaining, and will surely change many minds about the true nature of feminine beauty.

The Brits can tune in tonight at 21:00 (9:00 P.M.) on Channel 4, while the rest of us, well . . . we will simply have to wait.

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