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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle (major article)

Having just seen the programme, I must say it was rather fabulous and a complete breath of fresh air. The title was somewhat cringeworthy, but that's not entirely unusual here, unfortunately. It might have made more people watch even for those just wanting to have a 'look'.

I can't say there was anything bad about the programme at all. While some people may have tuned in for a stare, there was nothing but positive images here. Had I known it was on I'd have bought tickets myself, and maybe even entered lol!

I'm look forward to any repeat so that I can make a note of the wardrobe suppliers and send them a note to thank them for supporting the event - and to send me a catalogue.

I would like to thank Charlotte for perservering with the project - I was just about in tears towards the end. It was excellent, I truly hope it's an annual event. It's about time.
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