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Default Charlotte interviewed on BBC radio!

Here is something that Miss Coyle's countless fans are sure to enjoy: a three-and-a-half-minute audio clip of an interview with the model, which aired on BBC radio yesterday, just prior to the broadcast of her show. The interview was conducted by BBC radio host Nikki Bedi, who must be congratulated for the enthusiastic and positive attitude that she expressed towards the program, and especially towards Miss Coyle herself.

Pay particular attention to Charlotte's marvellous response to Ms. Bedi's provocative question, "Do you think skinny women are attractive?" (which occurs at 2'30 into the clip), and to Miss Coyle's lamentably valid observation that full-figured women are rarely portrayed in a positive way.

We applaud Charlotte for doing as much as any one person can, to help remedy this situation.

- Click here to listen to Charlotte's interview (3.3 Mb)

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