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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle (major article)

I was SO completely inspired after watching Charlottes show!

I am currently studying fashion at university, at a campus dominated by fashion related courses, therefore surrounded by skinny Kate Moss wannabes. Therefore as a UK size 18-20, am well in the minority. This has led to my a huge deflation in the (verging on over) confidence I posessed before I started the course, and am now more wallflower than the flourishing 20year old glamourous fashion student I should be. I feel now that I'm beginning accept it, and work with the positives, instead of concentraing on hiding the negatives.

Watching the show has reinforced my passion for bringing plus size fashion to mainstream UK. I struggle to find clothes on the high street that fit and flatter, and any plus size websites only seem to cater for women who are happy to be frumpy.

I am now even more determined to change the UK fashion industry, to provide sexy, fashionable, amazing plus size clothing, and see larger women as attractive, not just an inconvenience that must be hidden away, in masses of black fabric.
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