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In that radio interview, I found Charlotte's point that plus-size women "are never presented in a positive way" extremely valid and significant. That's what makes her TV program such a breakthrough.

Here are a few quotations from various newspaper articles and reviews of the show. Some have been posted already, but I'm gathering them here for a reason:
"Charlotte Coyle is gorgeous: 5ft 10in, all glossy golden hair and aquamarine eyes, and she's got the kind of cheekbones that Kate Moss would crawl through a mile of mud just to stand next to."
-Emma Cowing, The Scotsman

"Charlotte, you are an incredibly beautiful woman"
-Nikki Bedi, BBC radio

"Mouthwateringly beautiful, size-18 model Charlotte Coyle"
-Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

"Coyle herself was genuinely gorgeous, with a face that would enchant Renaissance artists and a body that would get Rubens hot and bothered"
-Graeme Virtue, Sunday Herald

"Charlotte Coyle, the size-18 organiser . . . really is Rubenesque. Sexy Charlotte is a healthy antidote to today's absurd famine-victim chic"
-Garry Bushell, The People

Even journalists who had so-so reactions to the show all agreed that Charlotte looked fantasitc. And think about it - this is journalists (both male and female) who are saying this, when we all know that the media is hostile to plus-size beauty. She won over the "toughest crowd" of all.

If Charlotte could prompt them to have these kinds of reactions, imagine the effect that her images might have on the general public...

And yet who is not on board? Who is failing to take advantage of this gift that size celebration has been given, in the form of this gorgeous model? That's right - the plus-size modelling/fashion industry, the very people who should be first in line to make the most of this opportunity, to feature her in major campaigns.

Instead of being at the forefront, they are holding progress back (at least in the U.K.; in the U.S., a genius retailer like Torrid DID use Charlotte, and the results were some of the most exciting images ever created).

It's incomprehensible - and tragic besides. I hope Charlotte winds up back Stateside, someday.

[Added Bushell quote--HSG]
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