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So just how many people viewed Charlotte Coyle last Thursday night, and saw, with their own eyes, a living embodiment of timeless beauty--probably for the first time in their lives?

The Channel 4 sales site posts overnight figures for its various programs, and here, reproduced from the August 10th 2006 page (linked below), are the numbers for Miss Coyle's program:

Yes, you read that top figure right.

2.326 Million.

2.326 million souls have had the media's stereotyped, negative portrayals of full-figured women replaced with a mental image of Charlotte Coyle: "sexy," "gorgeous," "mouthwateringly beautiful," "all glossy golden hair and aquamarine eyes"--just as the press described her. Now, whenever they hear the phrase "plus-size," they will no longer conjure up the thin-supremacist caricatures that they have seen throughout their lives, but will envision a fair-haired, blue-eyed, curvaceous goddess.

And this was just one program. Imagine how our culture would look if more television programs and films--let alone fashion magazines--would show the public images of models such as Charlotte, instead of the famine victims whom they see today . . .

It is now indisputable that plus-size beauty can create an aspirational ideal for the public (as it did throughout Western history, prior to the 20th century), capture viewer interest, and even win the accolades of the mass media, if the right representatives are chosen.

All that remains is for more individuals to find a way to put such goddesses before the public eye, and the world truly can change . . .

- Channel 4 audience data

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