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Default Re: Who shapes the media?

If your hypothesis is correct, it would explain a lot, not just about the media in general, but also about the problems of the plus-size fashion industry.

For many customers, it always seems as if the plus-size industry is sort-of "getting it," and sort-of not. Well, this could be why. If most of the individuals who are creating campaigns for the plus-size industry are pre-selected (by the nature of the media today) to prefer the modern look, in all its angularity, then no wonder they have a hard time switching gears and trying to create timeless beauty. It isn't in their blood. They probably entered fashion and the media because they like it, just the way it is today.

This would also explain why so many companies keep using faux-plus models, and plus-size models with harsh facial features, no matter how much the public complains. It's a look that's closer to the creators' own modern tastes. They can't understand why anybody would ever want to see anything different. They can't imagine that a customer would rather see a model with a "a full, round face" or a soft figure instead. But the customers do, since such faces and figures are closer to what they see in their own mirrors, ever day.
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