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Originally Posted by HSG
2.326 million souls have had the media's stereotyped, negative portrayals of full-figured women replaced with a mental image of Charlotte Coyle: "sexy," "gorgeous," "mouthwateringly beautiful," "all glossy golden hair and aquamarine eyes"--just as the press described her.

The British newspaper The Guardian confirms that jaw-dropping figure:,00.html

It states:

"At 9pm Channel 4's F** Beauty Contest attracted 2.3 million viewers and an 11% share"

It's truly mind-boggling. Add to that Charlotte's appearance on Richard and Judy, her radio interviews, the newspaper articles about the event, and the number of people impacted by this event is staggering.

It also makes you realize just how powerful television, as a medium, still remains, and how difficult the challenge of restoring timeless ideals really is. This is one show -- while the mass media produces countless movies and TV shows that attract this kind of audience-share every night, along with their accompanying media publicity; and all of those programs are expressly designed to brainwash the public into thinking that the insanity of "famine-victim chic" is somehow normal, even desirable.

But considering the fact that Charlotte's beauty was acknowledged so universally, despite this non-stop barrage of thin-supremacist brainwashing, there is no doubt that the Classical ideal can be restored. But for that to happen, there need to be more positive programs, showcasing Charlotte or models equally beautiful.

With the sheer number of viewers that this show attracted, I can't believe that plus retailers on this side of the Atlantic don't pool their resources and fund a show with a similarly size-positive bent -- fashion-oriented and all. Just as diet companies underwrite the creation of so many TV programs designed to explicitly promote starvation, so should plus-size fashion companies fund size-positive programs to counter this influence, and to show women that they deserve to invest in their appearance, wardrobe-wise, just the way they are (no body-diminishment required).
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