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Default Re: Video game with plus-size model

It's fantastic to see size-celebration appearing in new media, and it's wonderful to know that such a pro-curvy message is being given to girls at an age when they'll still be receptive to it - an age when their views of the world are still being shaped. Allowing Nancy Drew to bake cookies for the plus-size model is just too cute! It gives the user an opportunity to play Ceres to the model's Venus.

I also find it encouraging that while Nancy Drew's friend expresses envy in her reaction to the model, Nancy herself does not. Girls who are using this game will naturally identify with Nancy's reactions, since that's the role that they're playing, and this will help teach them a healthy reaction to beauty - a positive, appreciative one, rather than a resentful one. This lesson by itself makes the game beneficial, apart from its many other favorable elements.

I wonder where the game got the inspiration for its plus-size model images?
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