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Default Re: Video game with plus-size model

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
I wonder where the game got the inspiration for its plus-size model images?

The authors chose very well in picking out templates for the game's fashion illustrations. For the two photographs in Nancy Drew's casebook (which ostensibly show full-figured designs from the couturier's portfolio),

the game reworked a classic pair of Nordstrom images of Barbara Brickner:

The authors were wise to select Mrs. Brickner (who is, of course, a size 14, not a 12) to embody the look of an ideal plus-size model. Their specific garment choices--attractive knee-lenth dresses, rather than lower hems--were commendable as well.

On the other hand, the game's plus-size star, J.J. Ling, poses a bigger identification challenge. The authors probably avoided too-close approximations of real-life models, since this character figures so prominently in the action. However, another Nordstrom image comes to mind as a possible source--this one showing Valerie Lefkowitz during the curviest, most exciting phase of her career:

If this was the inspiration, the model's top was regrettably altered to make it more conservative, out of consideration for the game's youthful audience. But Miss Ling does exhibit the shapely body type--and in particular, the curvaceous waist--that Valerie possessed at the time, which made the above photo one of the all-time greatest images of plus-size beauty.

* * *

We have discussed this game in detail to itemize all of the ways in which it successfully implements a curve-positive philosophy, avoids any mixed messages, and convincingly delivers a message of size celebration to a youthful, impressionable audience--most particularly in the form of its irresistibly self-indulgent CGI Venus:

Future game authors can reference this as an example of a project that got it right--making it the Mode of video games, so to speak.

Danger by Design also indicates how everyone can contribute to the restoration of timeless beauty, in whatever sphere of influence they find themselves. If the movie industry proves intractable, try to influence television (as Charlotte Coyle has done). If print publishing seems incorrigible, try to reach young girls through new media (as this video game does so well).

The possibilities are endless--and the only limitation is one's own imagination.

- Barbara, shapely even in contemporary clothing

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