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Default Barbara: Nordstrom, Kohl's this winter...

The earlier thread was getting full, so I think it's time to devote a new topic to Barbara's latest Nordstrom images. I hope these new examples presage many new images for the winter/holiday season.

This new top is a little too multicoloured for me, but what a stunning image! Barbara looks every bit the supermodel here, in one of those uber-confident, "Just look at me!" expressions that so many of us adore. The light pink lipgloss is such a youthful touch. Lovely hairstyle, too.

If the outfit were different, I could easily see this as the cover of a magazine.

But it's when Barbara models dresses that she really comes into her own. Here's a new item, described as "Form-fitting at bust and hip." So all plus-size dresses should be, to take advantage of curvy figures.
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