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Default Re: Victorian Beauty

Originally Posted by HSG
Nothing else can completely compensate, in woman, for the absolute want of plumpness. The features of meager persons are hard; they have a dry and arid physiognomy; the mouth is without charm; the colour is without freshness; their limbs seem ill-united with their body; and all their movements are abrupt and coarse.

Reading this post was like stepping into the light. It's incredibly liberating to find that in any other time, the very traits of emaciation and androgyny that characterize most modern "stars" and models (and that the diet starvation industry promotes as some kind of "norm") would rightly be seen as unattractive and unfeminine, and that the opposite features, the traits of soft fullness, would be viewed as ideal.

I'm not surprised that the Victorian Era idealized plus-size beauty. I've always noted that most of the literary works quoted on this site's survey page are from the 19th century. Walker's fascinating text shows that today's plus-size models really are the living incarnations of timeless beauty.
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