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Default Dress Barn's most opulent campaign

I don't think it will surprise anyone that Valerie Lefkowitz, sadly, doesn't look any curvier in this promotion than she has in the past. I don't think she will ever be truly plus-size again. Another missed opportunity, like so many once-lovely models before her.

But this campaign is so beautiful, that it would be worth mentioning even if it were a straight-size promotion. Dress Barn shot it in a really gorgeous old theatre, a building so opulent, so replete with 19th-century richness, that it looks like an opera house, or even a theatre of the Old World:

Because it's a Holiday campaign, the outfits are feminine and elaborate, entirely appropriate for the decor. The ruffled blouse on the cover (yes, ruffles!) is especially striking. If only Valerie possessed an opulent figure, to match the setting, this would have been one of the most memorable campaigns of the year.
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