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Default Barbara: Living work of art

I found a new image of Barbara at Nordstrom that, like so many of her great dress pictures, makes her seem like a living work of art, an embodiment of feminine beauty in its purest form.

The front view is magnificent, with Barbara adopting one of her signature poses, gazing down as if in modesty -- but it's the kind of modesty that only someone who knows that they have been given almost supernatural beauty can present, someone who is well aware that the entire world will gaze upon her, and sigh in longing.

But the back view is -- as is so often the case when modelling attractive dresses -- the truly extraordinary one. Barbara's figure exhibits precisely the kind of the soft fullness that one sees in Classical sculpture, and that is rarely seen, even among plus-size models. The dress embraces her curves perfectly.

All in all, I still prefer the brown ruched dress that Kelsey recently modelled for Torrid, but this is also a stunning design, shown on a goddess who can exhibit it better than anyone else in the world.
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