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Default Re: Ribbons and bows

I agree that ribbons and bows make lovely hair accessories. It would be wonderful to see them return in a big way. I can imagine talented designers giving them a novel spin, just as other timeless styles, like peasant blouses, have been reinterpreted via the New Feminininty in fashion.

It's amazing how pretty all of the ladies in these vintage paintings and postcards look. They have lovely eyes and long beautiful hair of course, but what really distinguishes them from today's supposed icons of attractiveness is that these women look well-nourished. They look fed, in other words. Just by their soft, full, gorgeous faces, you can see that they didn't starve themselves. They look radiant and satiated, and comfortable with themselves.

It's also remarkable how much Kelsey resembles them. She truly is a reincarnation of that kind of timeless beauty. Both of these headshots of Kelsey are simply breathtaking.

I found one more example of Kelsey modelling bow barrettes at Torrid, and it's a stunning headshot as well, but these bows have a "leopard" print, and I prefer the solid red and the black:
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