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Default Re: Ribbons and bows

Originally Posted by HSG
007 becomes ensnared by Fleming's most irresistible, most girlish vixen, the Russian agent Tatiana Romanova.

Not to get too off-topic here, but I definitely agree that From Russia with Love is the best of the Bond movies. It was only the second one filmed (after Dr. No), and every subsequent installment made 007 more cartoonish, and the plots sillier.

What no one seems to understand is that while it is important to make Bond himself gritty and relentless (as the latest film apparently does), it's just as crucial that the so-called "Bond girls" be soft and feminine, by contrast. Ursula Andress had this quality in Dr. No, as did Tatiana in From Russia with Love, and their soft touch complimented Bond's hard edge.

The more masculinized the Bond girls have become (especially in the last two decades), the more the films have become pointless - reduced to being just another variety of dull, mindless "action" features, with actresses' stunt doubles performing ridiculous fight sequences.

But I digress. The original point of the thread is very true - ribbons and bows really are bewitching accessories, especially when they tie back masses of gorgeous hair...
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