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Default Men prefer curvy women to size 0s (article)

In light of the health article that was recently posted on this forum, here are the findings of another new study conducted by Grazia magazine that also come out in favour of women with curves: s

It also shows remarkably traditional beliefs held by many of the respondents. But in the light of the article that was posted about the lifestyles that lead to an increased risk of miscarriage, versus those that prevent it, I'd say this traditionalism has a firm and justifiable biological basis, rather than being merely a cultural imposition.

Here are the relevant bits:

Men prefer 'normal' women to size zeros

Tuesday, 5th December 2006, 07:15

Nine out of ten men are uninterested in size zero models and would rather go out with the girl next door, a survey has found.

...the ideal woman is a curvy nurse from Sheffield who wears floral dresses.

...nine out of ten men said they would prefer a "normal" sized woman to a size zero model.

According to the magazine, it found that men are traditional at heart, with seven out of ten turned off by women who sleep with a lot of men, and three quarters want a woman who likes cooking.

...male respondents rejected the anorexic stick-thin look of Victoria Beckham. Nine in ten (88 per cent) said they preferred their women to be a normal weight and curvy.

Plastic surgery would also put men off, as a surprising 97 per cent said increasingly popular artificial enhancement was not desirable in their partner.

Grazia editor Jane Bruton, said the poll showed that modern men and women were traditional at heart.

"It's reassuring that men come down on the right side of the Size Zero debate, preferring us to be a normal weight and able to enjoy ourselves rather than worry what's on our dinner plate. Men also shudder at the thought of cosmetic surgery despite the current boom.

"On the other hand, we were surprised to discover that men are still very conservative...Despite the huge changes in society, when it comes to the simple art of attraction, we are all a lot more traditional than we'd like to think."
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