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Default Re: Barbara: Living work of art

Nordstrom has just released another new image of Barbara in a gown. And it really is a gown - full-lenth and all. As dresses go, I generally prefer something more figure-embracing, but I envision something like this at a very formal event: at least a night at the Met, or a reception for an ambassador, or some soft of regal gala.

And any images of Barbara modelling dresses simpy must be posted. She always knows just what kind of demeanour to adopt, to show off whatever she's wearing in the most perfect of ways. Here, her dignified, aristocratic bearing here suggests a grand occasion, even without a setting for the photograph. You can imagine nobles and statesmen and world leaders gathered together in an opulent environment, forgetting all about their affairs of state, and only able to discuss one topic during the evening: "Who is that divine vision in red?"

At one point during the evening, a prince succumbs to his infatuation, and offers Barbara his fortune, his title, his lands, anything to win her heart. She simply smiles. Having powerful men falling at her feet is a daily occurrence for this most gorgeous of all goddesses-come-to-life.

Nordstrom's own product description of this gown advertises this as a "Grecian-inspired dress." How wise for them to exhibit it on the model who is the living embodiment of the Greek ideal of beauty.
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