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Default Chloe Agnew, Classical ''Celtic Woman''

I was watching PBS the other night and saw a concert by a musical group known as “Celtic Woman”. The concert was taped at the Slane Castle, in Meath, Ireland. While the old world charm of the breathtaking castle and the smooth ancient sounds of the traditional Celtic music were enough to make this a worthwhile watch, one element made it especially memorable: Chloe Agnew, one of the five women who make up the group, has the proportions of a classic feminine beauty.

As you can see she has angelic, round facial features to match her goddess-like frame.

Chloe has a very active fan-base in her native Ireland and has been branching out in the world wide market. She has a classical shape that matches her angelic voice. In this image, she is on the left:

Hopefully we will see (and hear) more from this young Celtic Beauty in the future.

You can visit a fan site for Chloe at,

or go to the Celtic Woman website at
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