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Default Re: The end of catwalk androgyny? (article)

Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
In September, Spain caused a furore in the fashion world when Madrid barred models below a certain weight from its Fashion Week. Models with a BMI (body mass index) of less than 18 were gave many others pause for thought when it emerged that Ana Carolina Reston's BMI was just 13.5 - the World Health Organisation consider a BMI of 15 as an indicator of starvation.

This is truly a shocking statistic, especially because, from her pictures, this model who died had a figure that was almost exactly identical to 99% of the models in the business. That means that MANY of the industry's models are also in this life-threatening category - life-threatening for themselves, and for the women who emulate them.

What is especially troubling is who the media puts on TV, whenever they treat the issue of banning underweight models. It's always either:

(a) two-bit authors out to shell style books. Very "informed" individuals. (Not.)

(b) fashion magazine editors. Gee, I wonder what THEY will say? That's like getting a tobacco company CEO to talk "objectively" about the dangers of smoking. And of course, they self-servingly try to deflect blame from themselves by saying, "This is a complex issue and emaciated models aren't the ONLY cause of anorexia." Yes, but they are ONE of the causes!!! That's reason enough to protect the public from their harmful influence.

That's like saying smoking isn't the ONLY cause of lung cancer. Yes, but it's ONE of the causes! That's bad enough to warrant regulation.

E.coli doesn't cause ALL bacteria-related deaths, but it causes some. That makes it a health hazard from which the public MUST be protected.

One medical study after another has conclusively linked images of underweight models to promoting eating disorders, and these people are allowed to appear on TV and pretend that these fact don't exist. Why doesn't some responsible reporter stick these reports and studies right in these editors' faces, and ask, "What do you have to say for yourself now?" Here is PROOF that the images you create, the models you use, ARE part of the problem."

The media has been going after other industries for years (60 Minutes does nothing but this sort of thing). Why does the fashion industry get a pass?

How many more people have to DIE before they are held accountable?
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