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Default Re: Chloe Agnew

Thank you for introducing this amazing talent. Chloe Agnew is by far one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She is as gorgeous as any plus-size model. She's like a mixture of Charlotte Coyle and Lillian Russell- timeless beauty personified.

And an Irish girl, again! It's remarkably true that Irish girls tend to be classical beauties. Charlotte Coyle, Kailee O'Sullivan, Shannon Marie (the greatest of them all), and now Chloe Agnew. Just as the straight-size industry gets most of its young talent from Eastern Europe, I think the plus-size agencies should just scour Ireland, to find all of their future stars.

YouTube has a few Celtic Woman videos, but many of them are posted at the wrong aspect ratio (16:9 pictures squeezed into a 4:3 frame, which creates an unsightly vertical "stretching" effect). But I will try to embed one here which has the right proportions.

This is (obviously) from the group's Japanese tour, and it shows Chloe in a gorgeous strapless white dress, like the kind she is wearing in the third picture above.

You can see Chloe at 00'22, 01'38, and at 02'26 in the video, as well as towards the end.

She looks breathtaking. She also has by far the most beautiful singing voice of any member of her group.

The Celtic Woman site also has a short .mov interview with Chloe. The picture suffers from the compressed aspect ratio problem, like many of the YouTube videos do, but the picture is very clear, so it provides a good sense of Chloe's soft, fair beauty.
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