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Default Re: Chloe Agnew

Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
She is as gorgeous as any plus-size model. She's like a mixture of Charlotte Coyle and Lillian Russell- timeless beauty personified.

I think she would make an ideal plussize model, in addition to her singing career. Wouldnt it be wonderful if some forward-thinking retailer actually featured her in a "celebrity" promotion? The plussize companies are always looking for full-figured celebrities, but such celebrities are few and far between. I can think of one or two cases where companies have shot promos with curvier recording artists, but the difference is that if they featured Chloe, they would be getting someone who can really sing - and she sings beautiful songs, not modern trash.

The Celtic Woman site has, among other things, a "diary entry" from Chloe:

I take this comment as a hint that she is comfortable with her figure, even enjoys being curvy (which is wonderful)! Chloe writes:
"We then began recording for our new Christmas album... We had a huge Christmas tree and decorations around the studio just to get everyone in the Christmassy spirit! And I think there were some mince pies too....But not really sure where they disappeared to!!!! :-)"
A nice thought for the holidays. I think with her looks, her talent, and her self-assurance, she could be an amazing inspiration to curvier girls.

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