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Default Re: Tyra's 2nd Full-Figured Top Model show

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
And I agree that the dark-red dress is very alluring on Megan. The show couldn't have made a better choice for her. It's so body-conscious and feminine. I love the ruching. It reminds me very much of the dress that Crystal Renn wore in the Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show.

This is very true. Megan's dress, which is believed to be a Monif C creation,

could well have been inspired the Gaultier gown that Miss Renn wore in the designer's S/S 2006 ready-to-wear show:

Both exhibit a distinctive type of ruching, and both closely embrace the curves of their wearers.

The notion of such a design as being ideally suited to the fuller female figure is as old as fashion itself. The following uncommonly naturalistic sculpture from Ancient Egypt, dating from c.1567-1320 B.C., and believed to be a depiction of Nefertiti, shows Egypt's legendary beauty wearing a sheer, gossamer-like dress that similarly fits gently but snugly over the body's swelling contours, defining them precisely.

What makes the ruching such a brilliant design element is that it allows the fabric to cling lovingly to the figure, but does not constrict the body in any way, making it possible for the wearer to fluctuate in size comfortably, while the garment still fits just as closely and alluringly.

It also allows complete freedom of motion on the part of the wearer, expanding or contracting with the body, following its movements like a second skin.

This is a design principle that allows the garment to adjust to the shape of the figure, rather than forcing the wearer to adjust her figure to the shape of the garment.

No one could ever call a plus-size goddess "shapeless" in such an outfit, as it unapologetically celebrates her shape in every sensual detail, exhibiting the full measure of her beauty.

This is a shining example of how timeless principles of fashion design, which predate the modern fetish for emacation, and originated in eras during which the fuller figure was the ideal of feminine beauty, can be successfully updated in the present day, and can solve contemporary design challenges (e.g., how to craft a garment that fits different female body shapes in a sensually close way, but doesn't constrict the figure at all).

Bravo to the Tyra Banks show for dressing Megan, their loveliest contestant, in such a size-positive style.

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