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Default ''Thin is not in on runways'' (article)

There is rather a good article on this topic in the Washington Post, and republished at the link below:

or try:

Washington Post link

Some highlights:
"One of the questions the industry must address is the influence it has over women and body image...being pounded over the head with the belief that thin, thin, thin is beautiful can chip away at the fragile self-esteem of a young girl--and the confidence and spirit of smart and accomplished women. Any industry that threatens the mental and physical health of its employees and customers needs to engage in thorough self-examination."

"the models have gotten thinner, and now they also look sad, vacant and unhealthy"...

"Many of the models currently in vogue come from Eastern Europe...They look positively rickety. Seeing one in a swimsuit can make you shudder. They are not sexy or even particularly pretty"...

"Many of Milan's female designers use hyper-thin models...These designers say women's power, confidence or intelligence inspire their work, then they send bony zombies down the runway"...

and here's a particularly significant insight:
"For all the emphasis the fashion industry places on creative integrity and individual vision, an enormous part of the problem is that its members all too often can't shake off a junior high school mentality of wanting to be part of the popular crowd. All it takes is for one influential person -- designer, editor, model booker -- to pronounce a girl "major." Everyone wants to use the same in-demand models"
(no matter how grotesquely emaciated and corpse-like they look).

The article ends with a chillingly valid warning:
"...if the industry does not think carefully about the current aesthetic, what comes next could be truly ghastly."

What's out there is ALREADY ghastly - and life-threatening. Seriously, this madness must end.
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