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Default Re: Christina Schmidt on the Torrid cover!!!

Christina's supreme self-assurance (which I find so inspiring) and beauty absolutely emanate from that picture. And she struck just the right pose -- sexy but chic, just like the dress (and the model).

There is another, very practical reason why I enjoy seeing Christina model. Her more natural height gives me a far better idea of how something will look on me than if the item is displayed on other models, who are uncommonly tall. When I see dresses on other girls, I always think, "Okay, that's how it would look on me if I were half a foot taller." Not very helpful. But Christina's more normal height gives her lovely, natural plus proportions, and shows me how something might actually look on someone of my height.

I am delighted to see her turning up in pictures more often. I hope we see even more of her in the coming year.
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