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Default Re: Christina Schmidt on the Torrid cover!!!

Originally Posted by MelanieW
No one, except maybe Barbara, can model a dress the way Christina can, and this is a gorgeous style that suits her, and all curvy girls, perfectly. I especially love the deep decolletage, and the ribbon on the front (plus the lace - Im a sucker for lace). I found this dress in the "party outfit guide" on the Torrid site.

I agree completely. If the recipe for the New Femininity is "tradition + sexiness," this dress has both- as does the model, who is both a Classical beauty of the first order, and a very contemporary young lady. It's Christina's divine beauty that allows her to do such dramatic poses, and always look like a goddess.

Lace is always a nice touch. There was a little article about the beauty of lace at FWD the other day. I especially love the opening paragraph:

"Baroque painters depicted their subjects wearing lace to illustrate wealth and today, the allure of the fanciful openwork fabric continues to enrich even the most mundane of outfits."
The rest is here (although it suffers from mixed messages):

It comes with a slide show, and what's most remarkable is that none of the depicted celebrities even come close to looking as gorgeous in their lace dresses and gowns as Christina does in this Torrid cover. Having curves is essential!
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