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Originally Posted by HSG
The modern fetish for thinness is therefore an unnatural aberration, unprecedented in aesthetic history. Throughout the ages, man has revered one ideal, and one alone--the true ideal, a healthy ideal, an image of genuine beauty--while our degenerate modern age has displaced it with a false ideal, a toxic standard, an image of unnatural androgyny...

The solution to the blight of today's emaciated media standard is to restore the timeless ideal of full-figured femininity, not do away with ideals altogether, in favour of homely "reality." Eliminating ideals would eliminate the very essence of humanity itself...Ideals are what make us human.

This is the crux of the issue, and always has been. It's really quite sinister how the modern media has set up a false opposition between "thin and glamorous" vs. "plus and ordinary-looking"; or "thin fantasy" vs. "ugly reality." What lies!!

What about "plus and glamorous!"
What about "full-figured fantasy!"

Of course people want fantasy. Of course people need ideals. Of course people adore beauty. It's human nature. Dream and aspiration are essential to human existence, and a world without beauty (with nothing but ugly "reality") would not be worth living in. But those ideals and fantasy can be embodied in the full-figured form of Classical beauty, not in the shape of modern androgyny.

It's nice to have the links to the historical posts compiled here, because together, they do show that "plus fantasy" and the "full-figured ideal" not only existed, but existend for millennia -- throughout history, in fact. This is a truth that the modern media has tried to suppress, by basically erasing an awareness of history from modern consciousness.

It's time we all started remembering, rediscovering -- and restoring.
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