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Default Re: ''Thin is not in on runways'' (article)

Once again, it's worth augmenting this criticism of the fashion industry with criticism of Hollywood. Both are the culprits.

And speaking of taking responsibility, that's exactly the keynote in a publicity piece concerning Cameron Diaz. Of course, it's easy to dismiss these sorts of statements as just PR bait, but if celebrities are going to be seeking publicity anyway, it's much better to have them making helpful statements like this, than gaining notoriety in negative ways.

Link here:

One excerpt:

[Diaz] blames the media for its promotion of super-skinny frames as the model of perfection. She says, "I think it's terrifying, it's tragic and sad. "I think that it's a sickness, something that's going on in someone's head where their perspective is off. "We get ideals from images that we see and there certainly should be more responsibility put on those people who are putting those images out into the world. Let's be a little bit more responsible
Absolutely true.

Kate Winslet has also continued to speak out against the emaciated standard in Hollywood. One of many articles about her statements appears here:

It states:

[Winslet] finds the size zero thing 'unbelievably disturbing'.

Speaking on the BBC's Sunday AM, Kate said:...'I've got a lovely husband and children and I didn't lose weight to find those things, and those things are what should be important.'

But the crucial problem is still the absence of publicity devoted to fuller-figured celebrities (indeed, the absence of young, beautiful, full-figured celebrities- period). Where is the PR blitz for Christina Schmidt, and for Chloe Agnew?

Thank goodness Charlotte Coyle has made some progress in Britain, but she needs to be seen even more. And it's the American media that is all-powerful. At least Crystal Renn has attracted a bit of media attention, but it's only a drop in the bucket, and Crystal would be much more subversive at a larger size.

Much more exposure for the plus-size aesthetic is needed...
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